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Following my gut feeling.

The gut.

This is the baddest boy in the group.

The real deal.

The big dog.

This is him.

The gut is amazing.

The nerves in your stomach and the nerves in your mind, know you better than you know yourself. Now I am not a doctor so I won't be going through scientific evidence on why this is true (you can research it yourself), but what I will tell you, is the gut and the brain work well like Ying & Yang, Bonnie & Clyde, tin & copper and other things that work well together (just use your imagination, will ya?).

Before I had started to have the slightest inch of faith in my gut, I would overthink, become passively distracted by the goal, remain confused for days or even weeks... I would become depressed and bring down the house while walking my mind in circles until I would dehydrate and stress myself out. I refused to believe that it was that "easy", when it really was. I'm telling you. Overthinking has eaten my from the inside out. You can ask my family, friends, neighbours, your cat or the postman. I am telling you. When I found out this 'life hack' or this 'cheat', I could not believe it. It's like, I knew the answer all along, but chose not to pick it because "it was too easy".

I didn't think "it would be that easy" to switch this around, you feel me? And if I did, I would tell myself that it can't be true. Why? Just because.

I knew things were starting to pick up for me when I started going with my own intuition and my gut feeling. I used my gut to help me make every possible decision in my life, from my moods, my cravings, my designs, my financial status and my emotions. The choices started to be easier & I found myself smiling more. I found myself to be less stressed. My designs were growing and my overthinking started to dissolve. I had started to just let it flow and dig into the batch that I had. I just let it be.

Instead of writing up a whole plan on what to design and how to do it from the start to end, I would just open my program and let my gut do the work. I had halted the overthinking and the over planning which had caused passive delays in every department I had walked into. From trying to understand the composition, the colours, the shapes, the silhouettes, the canvas size, and a thousand things before hand to simply opening up and going with the flow. This to me, is a medal winning game changer. A big win.

In conclusion, we already kind of know. We already have a slight idea or a clue before we start the egg hunt. Our gut feeling is really what writes and signs off for us. It's our set of lungs that keep us going. I believe our lives are not meant to be as stressful, hard and at sometimes, unenjoyable as they are at times, and majority of our pains could vanish away if we just just let the auto pilot, do what the auto pilot is supposed to do.


Thanks for reading.

Luv yew.

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