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I had to start something, somewhere.

From as long as I can remember, I had always wanted to create something.

Like, a little group, a squad, a gang, a bunch of something. Something that ran with a positive intention but was vibrant and unique in its most original and authentic form. Something that represented who I am and attracted like minded individuals.

Then I started to write.

I wrote about everything I had liked and why I liked it. I brainstormed, did note taking, sketched and read to help myself, to really understand myself, because there is no point in creating something you don't genuinely believe in. You won't have any juice to throw in, you know? I needed this to be authentic and had no stench of any lies. I wanted to create a visual illustration that represented 'Mansour Tawk' as a simplistic art piece. I would dive into my likes in music, art, sports, athletes, colours, cities, designs, characteristics, attitudes, silhouettes, shows, movies, animals, games, friends and more, much more. I found that, just like it is explained in 'The Alchemist', after walking around the globe, you will always come back to where you started, and that is the easiest way to tell you that the gold is already within yourself, you just need time to explore it out.

My goal wasn't to sounds very 'positive-like' right there either.


In the end the 'squad' had begun when I found out that my main goal is to use your passions, talents, skills & God given abilities to create something, and then share it. I truely believe that if I didn't sit down, write and read ask the world my questions, I would not have understood myself from a foundation and fundamental perspective. I made the notepad my best friend and worked with my brain to withdraw everything I could possibly know or remember about myself.

Thank you for reading my first blog.

Luv yew.


Overthinking causes the whole process to delay.

Don't overthink kids, it's not worth it.

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