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The lighter, the better.

Welcome to another episode of Mannys Mind.

With trying my hardest not to overthink my choices and life decisions, I struggled to find my true foundation as my main goal was wanting to create something, but without knowing exactly what it was. This was due to all the clutter that I had going on in all corners. My main motive to write this piece was when I had found out about the power of subtraction and how powerful it is. Now, I'm not talking about some prosperous-filled book or some catchy tagline, I'm talking about being minimal.

What I mean by 'being minimal' is cutting out the fat and the unneeded bits that are holding you down and halting your progression. This can be taken as a physical sense in terms of losing weight or decluttering your life or as a mental sense which would assist you in decluttering your mind and letting go of the unneeded.

I had used this method (and still do) for two of the biggest reasons in my life which had turned out to be game changers.

The first time I took a minimal approach on something in my life was during November of 2014. This was the first time I took a good, hard look at myself, my choices, my decisions and especially, my time management. The second time was during July of 2019. This is when I learnt that in terms of my designs and artwork, that sometimes 'less is more'.

I had found myself full to the brim. I'm talking friends, clothes, choices, decisions, subscriptions, people, money going here, money going there, games, jobs and more friends. Just a cluttered life, inside and out. Excuse my french, but I had shit everywhere. Everywhere! And why is it called 'French' anyway? And am I supposed to capitalise it because it's a country? Anyway, the decluttering began. I had sorted my friends and cut ties with anyone whose grass I was done watering. I had donated more than half of my clothes to the homeless and threw away those which had their days well and done. I cancelled the majority of my subscriptions and sold my extra games, consoles and my 'fan' items. I had even sold my PC at the time due to the fact that I hadn't used it in so long with all this new time I had gathered. I started spending more time with people who brought substance to the table and less with those which ate my time away (which was half my fault, obviously). I then started giving myself limits and capped my choice marks so it wouldn't keep me in a loop of thought. My bedroom had become simpler, my wardrobe was more minimal, my friendship circles were smaller which gave me more time to focus to water the flowers that I really liked, especially when they bloomed. Man, I'm telling you, it would take me 2 hours to create a design and I would then spend another 4 hours and a half overthinking one stupid shade of red just in case the head designer of Vogue had a peek at my artwork and judged me. Gosh I hate my brain sometimes. I'd spend hours adding things and changing things and then adding them again, right after I had already changed them multiple times and then stress myself out and then decide to not post it 'because people have seen better". Then I thought to myself, instead of adding and multiplying, maybe try subtracting and taking away from the canvas. This simple, little thing took me so long to learn. Just to subtract and not overthink it. What this did, was it created more room and space for other things to become highlighted and even more bolder than they originally were. This is when I really learnt the cliché saying, 'less is more'.

Now, I'm not telling you to cancel anything, change your life full circle or cut ties with anyone. All I'm saying is that this was a way for me to feel a lot more 'lighter', which had then given me so much more room for me to do me, properly, without the outside clutter. Everyone has a different template their working from, and maybe this could help you out.

Maybe not, but whatever.

I don't want to call myself a 'minimalist' because I'm not and I think titles suck, but I try to be as 'minimal' as I can in everything I do.

P.S: I may have some spelling errors

P.S.S: I do. I just checked.

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